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To get Instant Cash Loans such as Payday Loans or Personal Loans for larger amounts  РApply with Loan Smart Cash Loans in Westonaria!

Loan Smart in Westonaria, Gauteng, is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator of South Africa. Although it operates under the aforementioned trading name, it is part of New Nation Cash Loans CC. Its registration number is NCRCP385.
As a short-term, cash loan credit provider, Loan Smart can service clients with bad credit records. They manage to do this by offering loans at higher interest rates than a major bank would do, but over short payment periods too. They do not conduct in-depth credit checks and will offer cash loans without collateral, which means if you do not pay they are not legally entitled to repossess your property.

Loan Smartt offers two basic types of loans.
The first is an Instant or Payday Loan, which will offer you a few thousand Rand that you must pay back on or around the date of your next paycheck.

The second is a Personal Loan which will offer you tens of thousands of Rands for longer periods, typically up to 12 months.
As is mentioned above, the only serious consideration for a registered credit provider such as this is the high interest rates. To mitigate the risk of lending as they do, to risky clients without much of a credit check, is to inflate interest rates in this way. Doing some shopping around can help you find the relatively cheapest option.

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Loan Smart Westonaria contact info

Shop Number 7, 74 Edwards Avenue, Westonaria, 1780, Gauteng, South Africa

Contact Details

Phone Number: 011 753 1963


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