MicroFinance South Africa – MFSA

MFSA stands for MicroFinance South Africa, it was founded in the year 1996, with the sole purpose and function to be a voice and advocate for individual micro lending institutions in South Africa. There have been few changes to micro-finance and standards that the sector has to comply with. The industry is regulated better than it was in times past. MFSA is a non-profit organization (Sect 21 Company) and has a Memorandum of Incorporation, Board of Directors and working committees. MFSA’s duty is to represents the views of its members (Micro credit lenders) as a collective. Membership is on a voluntary basis.

Through this MFSA is able to regulate itself for the interest of the industry and of its members. Professionalism is what drives Micro-Finance South Africa; members are registered and always seek the best for the industry and the country. Micro finance is an Industry that runs smoothly and efficiently at all times for the sake of the South African customer.

The Vision of MFSA is ensuring a sustainable Micro finance Industry.

Promoting the interests of all members and their clients through:

  • Advocacy – To play the role of advocacy for the members and clients though voicing their needs and recommendations.
  • Member interaction – To keep in contact with members through communications and meetings.
  • Development – To increase viability for members


  • Professionalism – All work and programs is based on efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ethical Conduct – Code of conduct based on ethical values.
  • Client Care – Responsible and good affiliation with clients.

Areas of Focus

  • Information – Offer industry information.
  • Membership – Grow membership base through effective communications.

MFSA provides communications platform to better commercial services offered by micro-finance creditors. Annual General Meeting and Conference held at easily accessible venues.  To better the sector whereby industry leaders can meet and discuss issues in relation to the industry.  Personal interaction is of great value, this is where ideas are exchanged and progress and innovations occur. Also partnerships are forged in such an environment. Recommendations to aspects of the sector are also voiced.

Meetings & Events

MFSA holds meeting and events for the purpose of keeping members with new and up to date information on the industry. Issues affecting the industry and other topics related to finance at General Meetings held every year.


MFSA produces content that is broad in spectrum but keeps within the topical issues relating to the sector. You can view the publications online or you can download. The world is not standing still, knowledge and information is crucial to keep abreast in the industry.

Membership Application

Microfinance South Africa has great resources to support businesses, and professionals that will help you navigate the constant improvements and modification of the business world. For more information on joining MFSA and becoming a member click here.

Service Providers

There are about 1200 Microfinance offices. These offices registered with the National Credit Regulator. This means accredited Service Providers.

MFSA contact details

Telephone: +27 12 346 1081
Fax: +27 12 346 1082
Email: info@mfsa.net

Physical Address

Landmark Building
13 Umgazi Street
Menlo Park
South Africa

Postal Address

Lynnwood Ridge
South Africa

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