Mr Cash Loans Alberton

Mr Cash Loans Alberton can point to the fact that when cash is not enough and when problems occur. Its certain that you will need to be ready to find a reliable and reputable credit provider.


Mr Cash Loans Alberton is a regionally based credit provider that is registered. Credit loans on offer are designed to help you through a difficult month and put money in your pocket. The mode of work does not matter with Mr Cash Loans, as long as you can afford the loan you will obtain it. There are no high level of credit scrutiny and requirements. Your loan will be made available to you with no stress should you qualify and meet all the conditions.


Mr Cash Loans start from R500 and reach R5 000. Pay day loans and personal loans are available. A pay day loans comes in handy when you need quick cash till the end of the month. Circumstances arise that can be beyond your control. When this happens Mr Cash Loans will be ready to assist you. Pay day loans usually last for 30 days or less. Meaning you have to make payment when you have your salary. Personal loans are from R500 up to R5 000. For a loan that is R5 000 you have an option of paying it over a 3 month period. The interest rate is cheaper than most who offer loans. It is priced in accordance to the NCA. You won’t be over charged. Personal loans are best used to enhance your life or your home. If you are working and desire to go back to university part time, you can use this loan. If you have small problems in your house like uneven paving, cracked walls. You can request this loan and fix these problems.


  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Loans are made available fast and within 24 hours.
  • Repayments on the loan are flexible.
  • Loans are small; you won’t have to be concerned about years of debt repayment.


Few basic conditions you have to meet before your loan can be processed. The most important one is that you should be working full time for more than 6 months at the same company. The second is that you should be 18 years of age and above but not more than 60. Lastly you need to be a South African citizen and not planning on migrating from the country during the loan repayment period. You will need the following documentation for processing:

  • You must provide a South African Identity Document (I.D) book or card.
  • email address is a must
  • Have a working bank account
  • Provide a cell phone number

You will be required to fax or email the documents when asked to do so. When approved Mr Cash Loans Alberton will transfer your money at your bank.


For more information you can contact Mr Cash Loans Alberton during office hours and a friendly consultant will assist you. Another option is to visit the website.

Phone Number : 087 822 1779

website :

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