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Mr Price is a well-known chain of clothing and home furnishings shops in the South Africa. They sell everything from baby clothing to shoes to housewares. A Mr Price shop account is now available to customers who choose to pay with credit. Additionally, this business provides a wide range of payment options and exclusive deals.

A look at the Mr Price Store account

  • Payments that are easy on the wallet
  • Plans with flexible budgets
  • Special deals and discounts
  • One-time administrative fee of R50.00
  • R25 per month for the service fee

Benefits of a Mr. Price account?

With a Mr Price account, you get a lot of benefits. To begin, customers have the option of purchasing products and paying for them later. As a result, buyers don’t have to worry about keeping up with the current fashion trends.
Mr Price clothing account
First and foremost, Mr. Price’s store account users may take advantage of exclusive discounts and promotions. Because of this, they will be able to save even more money in the long term. Last but not least, clients who have a Mr Price shop account may pay in monthly instalments. As a result, individuals on a limited budget will appreciate it.

Requirements – Mr. Price’s shop account application process is governed by these rules.

Before submitting an application for a Mr. Price account, applicants must first meet the requirements listed below.

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid government-issued photo identification, or have a valid passport, and have a working mobile phone number.
  2. If you are married in common or customary law, you must have the approval of your spouse and provide a residence or postal address.
  3. Bring three months’ worth of evidence of employment with you. a copy of your most recent bank statement
  4. A high credit score is required for all applicants.

Mr Price Store Account fees

Customers should be aware that account fees vary depending on the credit facility they are given. However, for your convenience, we’ve included a short breakdown of costs below.

  1. Up to R25.00 in monthly service fees
  2. It’s possible that the first-time initiation cost might be as high as R50.00
  3. According to the terms of the credit agreement, the monthly price may rise.

Pre-screening Application

The pre-screening form may be found at za/prescreening. To discover whether they are qualified for a Mr Price account, they will provide their personal information here.

How to apply for a Mr Price clothing Account

  1. Choose the payback term from the drop-down menu. Applicants may pick between 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months.
  2. Input identity type (foreign, passport, ID or other)
  3. Validate identity number
  4. Select a title and gender
  5. Enter personal information (name, surname and mobile number)
  6. Offer employment information (gross salary, occupation and employer name)
  7. To submit the form, click “Apply”Additionally, candidates may apply in-store.

Mr. Price will then analyze the application and do any required credit checks. They will then call the applicant to tell them of the application’s status.

In addition, clients may visit za/mymrp/application-status/ and input their ID number. This will allow them to evaluate the application’s status.

Account approval typically takes between 24 and 48 hours.

How can you provide evidence of income?

Once authorized, applicants will be required to provide evidence of income. They may either bring these papers to a Mr. Price shop or send a photograph to:
WhatsApp: 084 484 4845
Fax: (031) 328 4790

Non-South African applicants

It is unfortunate that the lending facility does not extend to neighboring nations To utilize the credit facility, you must be a resident of South Africa.

Other items and services provided to store account holders

There are a variety of other services available to Mr. Price account subscribers as well. Insurance and cellphone services are two examples of this.

Additional conditions apply to certain services, it should be mentioned. There are only six to twelve month credit facility holders who may purchase insurance. Cellular services are only offered to customers who have a six- to 12-month contract.

Optional methods of paying your Mr. Price account

Account holders may easily pay their bills thanks to Mr Price’s user-friendly methods. Customers may choose from a variety of payment methods. Customers may settle their accounts in a variety of ways.

Visiting a Mr. Price shop is the first step.
Account holders may pay their bills in person at any Mr. Price location.

2. Paying via EFT or at an ATM
through electronic funds transfer (EFT) or an ATM
Input the following bank account information.

Enter the following banking details
Beneficiary: Mr Price
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Kingsmead
Branch code: 632005
Account number: 4074766505
Banking Reference: Your Mr Price Money Account Number or ID number

3.Pay with your cellphone
It’s as easy as dialing *120*410# and following the onscreen instructions.

4. Paying over the internet
If you’ve already connected your bank account, all you have to do is log in and choose “Pay my account.”

If you haven’t already, you should set up an online profile. Linking your Mr. Price money account is the next step. Once you’ve entered your ID number and OTP, you’ll be able to proceed. “Pay my account” is the last step.

5. In the app
In the app, go to the “Profile” page and log in. Click “Pay my account” on the red Mr. Price money card to complete the process.

Download the app from the Play Store or the Apple Store if you don’t already have it. Afterwards, you’ll need to establish a profile and connect it to your Mr Price account. Enter the OTP and then click on the red Mr. Price money card. Afterwards. Click “Pay my account” to finish.

6. Pay using Zapper or Snap
You may pay for your account using one of these applications. Just go to your online account and open the statement you’ve received. Pay by clicking on the Zapper/Snap Scan tab that reads “click to pay” thereafter. After that, you’ll be sent to the payment page.

Due date for the Mr Price store account.

Each month’s payment is due on the very last day of the period in question.

Is there a debit order option?

All payments must be done in-store, online, or by bank deposits. Unfortunately not. Additional payment options are available to account holders.

Which stores accept the Mr Price card?

Customers may shop at the following establishments using Mr Price card:

  • Mr Price
  • Sheet Steet
  • Mr Price Home
  • Mr Price Sport
  • Miladys

How to buy airtime?

To purchase airtime or data, phone *140# and choose “buy airtime or data bundles.” In addition, clients may visit a Mr Price shop or log in to their Mr Price money account.

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