How Can I Check My RDP House Application Status Online In South Africa

Visit the Housing Subsidy Portal (HSS) on this page in order to verify the current status of your RDP home online. The next step is to check the status of your application by going to the section labeled “My Housing Subsidy” and entering your ID Number into the corresponding box.

How can you find out whether the RDP home application you submitted was approved or not?

Calling 0800 146 873 or sending an email to will allow you to find out the current status of your RDP home application.

Keep in mind that you need to inform the Satellite Office of any changes that occur in:

  • Your residence or mailing address, if applicable
  • Your present physical condition.
  • Your present work status (if you find or lose your job).

In Cape Town, how can I find out what the current status of my RDP houese is?

People living in the greater Cape Town region have the ability to contact the City of Cape Town at the following numbers:

  • 021 444 0333 (Telephone).
  • 063 299 9927 (WhatsApp) (WhatsApp).
  • The address of the email account is

How long will you have to wait for RDP house?

Creating new homes is often a carefully deliberated and sequenced process, with the order of completion determined by a variety of regional considerations. You should also bear in mind that the average time required to build a home is at least two years, and that it might take much longer for a house to be ready for occupation in a brand-new community.

How can I check to see whether my name is already in the database of people looking for housing?

submitting your Form C to the provincial housing office that is geographically closest to you. After that, officials will check the database to see what the current status of your application is. By sending an SMS with your ID number to the number 44108. After that, you will get an automated response sending you information about your current status.

How much of a subsidy does the government provide toward housing in South Africa?

Your monthly income must be between R3, 501 and R22,000 in order for you to be eligible for the FLISP program. The size of your subsidy will determine how much your income will be reduced within that range. The amount of the subsidy varies, going anywhere from R30,000 to R135,000.

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