Net 1 Loan Application

A Net 1 Loan is a cash advance facility made available to qualifying cardholders. A benefit offered by this service is that cash advance transactions are processed offline when requested by smart cardholders.

The service is available to employed individuals who receive sustainable monthly income such as a pension payment. This minimises the risk associated with cash advances.

By simplifying the process of obtaining micro loans, the Net 1 Loan Application process saves borrowers quite a significant amount of time and money. There is no need to make branch visits and there is also no need to wait too long to access funds. Having too make branch visits means spending money to travel, as well as taking time out of your working day to meet with consultants. All of this can be quite costly at the end of the day. Fortunately, technology has made this much easier in so many ways.

By visiting, one is able to send the necessary documentation for the loan application.

The application will be assessed accordingly and borrowers will be notified about their approval or rejection status within 24 hours of applying.

If approved, the loan is paid onto the Net 1 smart card and borrowers are notified of their responsibility to pay the full loan amount off, including interest and other fees.

If one needs the loan to pay some of their rent off, or if they need to use it to pay for medical expenses, that decision is left up to them. Unlike home or car loans, this cash advance isn’t limited to spending a particular way.

Once the borrower’s monthly income is paid, the loan amount is deducted and repaid. The process is fully transparent, so borrowers know exactly how much they owe at a particular point in time.

Net 1 Loans can be relied upon for fast, simple and accessible solutions.

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