New FNB Tool lets you know what your house is worth

First National Bank is a leading technological innovative bank in South Africa. It has won numerous tech based awards. Customer surveys points out that its customers being very satisfied with the services online. The bank is well known of its eWallet, which has grown in usage ever since its launch. Even the unbanked have used this service, for all you need is a cellphone. The bank is always focusing on its customers and making products related to the bank effective for transaction.

Every year FNB invests a substantial amount of money in tech based research and development for innovating or originating ideas that enhance customer experience.

This month FNB has come up with another innovative tech constructed tool. It is a banking app that allows its customers to list and sell their homes in a secure and concealed manner to potential property buyers that are likely to qualify for a home loan. This comes with tremendous cost savings throughout the process and has few benefits.

The deeds office in South Africa has over 8 million registered properties. The app will present some of these properties on sale. You will have access to thousands of properties at your fingertips through this app. The property sector will benefit from listing on this App.

The new App tool is primed to make sellers and buyers interact and arrange viewing of the app listed property. The buyer can negotiate the price through Secure Chat on the FNB banking App. The tech behind this App is meant to conceal the identity of the seller, the buyer and the seller can disclose their personal information for contact reasons.

FNB’s Nav Home service is designed with the customer in mind. It assists in search for houses with a pre-selection for finance, also shows the any additional costs of the property. FNB states that Nav Home has over 1 million unique visitors and has paid out R4.7 billion worth of home loans since inception. Nav Homes has a wide variety of properties available, you can find more than 300 000 properties also homes that are repossessed or properties for development that usually come with a discount.

The bank states that 15% is put on a property worth R1 million. However the app can reduce this to 5%, including agency costs.

The valuation of the property is fee with the App. Your location will part determine the value of your home.

The tool is great not only for individuals but those that see property as an investment. They can save a great deal of finances going forward. The tool is also useful  in a sense that most people spend more time on their smartphones than on laptops or desktop computers. You can browse properties using the app at your own time.

The property sector in South Africa has new developments coming every 3 to 6 months. With this tool you will be able to find what you are looking for without having to drive around or visit endless websites. Home sellers and home buyers both benefit from this tool.

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