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Through the use of Pension Loan in conjunction with SASSA, a loan application has never been so simple! The simplest way to receive whatever you need before you need it is to use our online application. Get up to R7000 if you apply immediately!

Pension Loan, a company that has more than 19 years of experience in the field of financial services, is pleased to be able to provide its customers with access to personal loans that are quick, easy, and secure. These loans offer short-term financial assistance that can be helpful when unexpected expenses suddenly arise.

Pension Loan short term loans

Pension Lending is a reputable and stringently regulated company that operates in the short-term loan market. Pension Loan has extensive experience working in the financial industry. Our mission is to make a significant impact on the market for short-term loans by providing our customers with a service that is open and easy to use, complies with industry standards for the best methods of doing business, and fosters a relationship with our customers that is both professional and constructive.

Pension Loan is a firm that has its origins in rural South Africa, and as such, the organization acknowledges the talents and capabilities of all South Africans, irrespective of their background or region. Our history has instilled in us the knowledge to honor and appreciate each and every one of our clients, but over the years, our company has evolved into a sophisticated and competitive player in the financial industry. We are able to meet the needs of our clientele in the major urban centers of South Africa thanks to these lessons.

Pension Loan accreditation

Our company, which is a licensed credit provider and operates in accordance with the National Credit Act, is in complete and total compliance with all of the government rules that are associated with the distribution of loans. We don’t believe in springing unpleasant surprises on our customers because we are a company that is fully dedicated to serving the best interests of our customers. Because of this, we work hard to provide loan applicants with an application process that is hassle-free, and if the loan is approved, we work hard to ensure that the repayment process is affordable, transparent, and easy for any customer to understand.

Our staff members get intensive training and are subjected to regular performance evaluations to guarantee that our company meets or exceeds all of our customers’ expectations for service, convenience, and polite, professional conduct in all of our interactions with them. Keeping up with the times, we provide our customers with the convenient option of applying for their personal loans online, with a contact center that is always standing by to answer any questions that may come up throughout the process.

Pension Loan takes great pleasure in offering the highest level of service possible to its customers, therefore earning their confidence and achieving industry-leading levels of professionalism. Our goal is to create a significant impact on the market for short-term loans via the combination of our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to the satisfaction of our customers.

SASSA Pension Loan

I don’t have an SASSA card—can I still apply? No, you are unable to do so since our service is reserved only for SASSA card members.

Pension Loan contact details
Fax : 086 648 0456
Phone: 021 855 1579

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