PEP Money Transfer

PEP Money Transfer is a simple and convenient way to transact by sending money to anyone living in South Africa or the continent. It’s really simple and fast. PEP is a well know retail shop and brand operation in the nation. It has a chain of retail shops and is in every province of South Africa. You can consider PEP to be a retail colossus. Its target market is the working-class. It retails low to medium quality fashion and home wares. PEP is now providing financial services to its customers. It has credit facilities and a money transfer platform that is innovative and convenient.

It is a common trend in South Africa for bread winners to leave rural life to urban areas and find work in small towns to big cities. Urbanization has made Gauteng one of the provinces with the fastest growing population. This leaves the rural or semi-rural dwellers with difficulties of accessing money from their working family members based in the city. Sending cash through someone’s pocket can prove risky and reckless. Most of the rural masses do not have bank accounts or any formal means of monetary transaction.  Going for months without receiving money when promised can add sorrow. Going back home every month end to give them money is not practical and can prove to be costly. PEP money transfer was designed and aimed at giving financial platform where traditional banks do not have operations.  This innovative service is offers convenience, reliable money transfer for people working in big cities.

How PEP Money Transfer Works?

Sending Money Inside South Africa – This convenient service is available at any PEP store.  All you have to do is visit a PEP, PEPcell or PEPhome store that is nearest to you. You will be required to have documentation with you. Bring a South African I.D book or card, your PEP card and cell phone number. Go to the cash counter and sign for PEP Money Transfer. You must also have information of the person you are sending the money to and the amount you want to transfer. You will receive 2 SMS message on your phone which will have your withdrawal number and access code. These numbers are to be send to the receiver of the money. They will need these numbers to make a withdrawal from any PEP Store or from ABSA ATM. The service is supported by ABSA Bank.

Sending Money Outside South Africa – The platform to send cash extents to outside the boarders of South Africa to countries like Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. To transact you need to put your order on Mukuru. You will be given a reference number. Which you will take to your nearest PEP, PEPcell or PEPhome store. Give the counter operator the reference number. You will be asked to confirm your personal details. Then you will get the recipient of the transaction. Then you will send the details, the reference number to the receiver, the person you are sending money to. They will take the information and make a withdrawal at any PEP in their country.

PEP Money Transfer Contact Details

For more information on sending money using PEP money transfer visit the website .

You can also visit any PEP Store branch and ask for more details. The call center number is 0860 77 77 65.


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