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At Loans Unlimited we first opened our doors in 2007 with one priority and one priority only; to assist thousands of South African’s in finding only the best loans at the lowest interest rate possible. We understand that most South African’s are currently in the midst of an economic Whirlwind where it is simply getting tougher and tougher to meet their financial obligations. You may be faced with the responsibility of looking after your extended family, you may be considering studying a certain course to increase your skills thereby improving your employability or promotion opportunities or you may need a deposit on a mortgage bond or car purchase, whatever your needs may be; Loans unlimited is specifically designed to assist you meet your financial obligations and goals.

We have developed a specific strategy through our “Platinum Club”. The Platinum club is an online platform that gives the client a plethora of resources and information for debt management, planning a budget, the many ways in which you could build an income as well as credit reports and our very own loan find assist that is absolutely free and that is why it is offered upfront as a cost effective service.

The Platinum Club from Loans Unlimited is extremely beneficial. As a member of this club you will receive the following benefits:

  • The Platinum Resources centre will be made available to you and you will have access to budget reports, debt management assistance and ideas on how to generate an income.
  • You will be granted access to our very own loan finding service at no cost to you.
  • You will have the advantage of being presented with budget saving methods.
  • Through our insurance network partners you will have access to lower insurance rates.
  • You will have the right to be assisted with debt management from our extremely qualified and trained consultants.

The Platinum Club is structured in such a manner that it directly targets your pain point through its many service offerings. We saw it a necessity from the get go to affiliate ourselves with only the best and reputable debt management and loan consolidation establishments to help you on your journey to financial wellness. Our vast network of associates always ensures that our clients receive the best treatment and the most competitive interest rates.

With The Platinum Club from Loans Unlimited you can apply for a loan of up to R150 000. All you’ll need to do is ensure that you log on to our online platform and easily navigate your way to the most appropriate facility for your specific needs. You will need the following in order to be considered for a loan:

  • South African ID Document.
  • Be over the age of 18.
  • Currently be employed.
  • Provide your recent Payslip.
  • Provide a 3 months banking statement.

With all of these provided you will be well on your way to receiving a loan and you will have all financial services that we provide available to you at the click of a button
Platinum Club loan

Address: Suite D3238, 68 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5BP
Telephone: 021 286 0864
Facsimile: 086 425 2205

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