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PriceQuote loans funding for different bridging finance

The day that you can finally have your own place is a day to be celebrated. It represents independence, freedom and self-actuality. We all plan and save up for the ideal time to move out of our mothers nest or sharing an apartment with a friend or two. Even though we may be ready a lot of us are only ever partially ready for our big move.

The deficit of finances can be a great cause of frustration. Juggling the 3 month deposit, furniture and… and… can leave you depleted of energy. PriceQuote is a financial service provider that has noticed that most people can be ready but the pressure of the required finances can be a thing of turmoil for the first time buyer, renter or seller.

PriceQuote specializes in cash advancement so that you can meet all your property or rental financial obligations. At Price Quote we offer Bridging prior to transfer which means that as a seller of any property be it a house or a business development; you will not have to wait for the 6 month required period before the monies of selling a property are released to you. The South African law states that you have a 6 month down payment of rates and taxes paid before you are able to be cleared by the bank. Now as a normal and average Joe you are most likely not in the position to have what is likely to be a large sum of money at your disposal that is where we come in. We can offer you the down payment in order to alleviate you from the financial deficit.

We also offer Property sellers access to profit for another purpose altogether. This means as a property seller we can offer you a percentage of the profit should it be required to mitigate certain matters concerning the sale of a property. We also provide property agents commission so now you don’t have to wait until a deal is settled to earn commission. We can pay you a percentage of your commission so that you are able to focus on making more deals. No need to wait for long periods of time. Price Quote can also provide you with the service of Bonds switches and new bonds prior to bond registration so that when you want to upgrade and buy a bigger house you won’t have to go through the hassle of sorting out the switch involved in your bond.

Our process is not a difficult one to apply for. We want to assist you as a buyer in putting down a cash deposit for a new house and we also want to provide you with a cash deposit when you move into a rented place when you sell your property. Usually landlords require a deposit of up to 2 or 3 months. We know that you may not always have that kind of deposit when you are looking at renting your first place, second or third so we make it our mission to alleviate the financial burden and get you into your new space as quickly as possible.

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