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Pulane Capital cash loans have enabled customers get by through a tough month. The payment on loans are simple and easy to manage. If you need cash fast you without struggling, so make contact.


Pulane Capital cash loans are on offer. The credit lender is well seasoned industry player. Not everything you read on the papers about micro lenders is true. There are negative stories of Mashoisa and Pulane Capital is not one of them. It is a registered credit provider and works within the parameters of the National Credit Act. All loans are fair and do not come with a high and unaffordable interest rate. When you are not certain you need a reliable credit provider who will give you a loan at attractive terms. You will find this at Pulane Capital.


Pulane Capital offers you pay day loans ,also small loans. The idea of having a bad month with no help is something that most people want to avoid. However bad months do come. At Pulane Capital you can ask for a pay day loan from as little as R500 up to R3 000. Such loans are payable at the end of the month or on your salary day. Another option you have at Pulane Capital is small personal loans that reach up to R3000. This type of loan is best utilized for immediate needs. Your stove may have stopped working and need a new one. You may be ill and need quick cash for medical reasons. Small loans are the best when employed to bail you out of a situation that need money right-away. You can pay the loan over 3 months should you wish. The interest rate is based on the National Credit Act. So you won’t pay above the standard rate.


  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Interest rates are priced at an affordable rate.
  • Loans are not difficult to pay back due to their size.
  • Flexible terms and installment for small loan.


Pulane Capital cash loans are friendly to the pocket. You won’t be taken from pillar to post when you apply for the loan. You will need to meet the following criteria to stand a chance for a successful application:

  • Applicant must be 18 years and older.
  • Applicants need to be a South African citizen living in the county, and not planning to migrate.
  • Applicants must have a valid South African Identity Document (ID) card or book.
  • Applicants must have an active bank account with debit order services.
  • Applicants must have a minimum salary of R2 000 per month.

Checks and verification will be performed on your application. You can expect money the same day when you qualify for the loan.


For more information you can call Pulane Capital during office hours and your questions will be answered by a friendly consultant. For loan application you can visit the store at Tembisa. Bring with you all the required documentation. You won’t stand in long lines because the processing of the loan is done in record time.


47 Emkhathini Section Tembisa 1632
Phone Number : 083 657 8735

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