How to update Registered Representative with SARS

One who has been granted complete authority to act on behalf of another legal organization (e.g. corporations or trusts) is referred to as a “registered representative.” There must be a designated “representative person” registered with SARS if a legal entity has more than one registered representative.

Registration as a Registered Representative (RR) is not subject to eBooking.

SARS Online Query System or eFiling may be used to register or amend a Registered Representative (SOQS)

eFiling’s Registered Representative information may be changed using the guide’s step-by-step instructions.

Taxpayers who want to register or update their registered representatives may do so by selecting “Request to be updated as the Registered Representative” on SARS home page’s “Online Services” choices.

Steps below are on how to register or update a Registered Representative

  1. Visit the SARS website and choose “Online Services.
  2. Select “Register a Representative” from the “Online Services” tab.
  3. Drop-down menu: Select the Registered Representative Capacity.
  4. To connect an entity to a Registered Representative, choose the kind of entity and fill out the appropriate details in the form that appears.
  5. Capture the contact information of the representative (these are the details of the person that must be recorded as the Registered Representative of the taxpayer in the selected Capacity).
  6. Select “Add Documents” in order to upload supporting files. You must provide all essential papers in order for the request to be processed.
  7. To find the files you want to upload, click “Select.” The requirements for uploading documents may be found by selecting the “Upload Tips” option.
  8. In order to get a list of the supporting papers needed, click on “Document Requirements.”
  9. Look at the list of papers attached and the quantity of attachments.
  10. Select the “Done” option on the “Documents for Submission” page after all documents have been submitted.

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