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Setsebi Bridging Payouts knows too well that the South African roads are some of the most dangerous roads in the world. The death toll is alarming and drunken driving remains a problematic issue on the roads. No one wants to be the victim of a vehicle accident and no one wants it to be the last day they say goodbye to their loved ones once they step out of their homes and into their vehicles. The sad reality is that many become the unfortunate victims of vehicle accidents and Setsebi Bridging Payouts understands the frustration and challenges that come with the aftermath of being involved in a vehicle accident.

The financial services provider is a bridging finance company. The company provides road accident fund bridging finance and their specialty is based in loans against Road Accident Fund payouts. The financial institution understands that the road to recovery after being in a motor vehicle accident is not an easy one. It comes with pain, emotional turmoil and aggravation. When you are going through all of this; the last thing they need is the uncertainty of when their Road Accident Fund will payout their claim. The aim that the company has to ensure that your burden decreases by providing you with very quick bridge finance solutions against your Road Accident Fund payout.

Services from Setsebi Bridging Payouts

  • Road Accident Fund Payout Claims: Expect no credit check cash advances against any settled Road Accident Fund claims.
  • Road Accident Fund Advocates: The bridge loans that are provided by the company are available to advocates who are waiting on the payments of attorney invoices for Road Accident Fund cases
  • Road Accident Fund Attorneys: The Company helps attorneys with disbursement funding for any work done on Road Accident Fund cases.
  • Road Accident Fund Medical Experts: Any medical experts that have outstanding Road Accident Fund related invoices are welcome to apply for a bridge loan with Setsebi bridging finance.
  • Benefits

  • Online application, quick and easy.
  • No credit checks.
  • There are 0 monthly admin charges.
  • There is no upfront application fee required from you.
  • World class professional service.
  • Incredibly fast application approval feedback.
  • The application will be evaluated and contact with your attorney will be made and they will be forwarded the necessary documents.
  • Once the documentation has been signed and received by the company; the funds will be deposited into your bank account.

In order to qualify to the bridging finance from Setsebi Bridging Finance you will need:

  • The claim that you make to be conducted by an attorney and not directly with the Road Accident Fund, so the company will need the contact details of your attorney.
  • You will need an order of court to have been granted or to have reached a settlement between the attorney and the Road Accident Fund, so make sure that the claim has been settled.

With Setsebi Bridging Finance you can rest assured that you will be receiving trustworthy, professional and transparent Road Accident Fund cash advance service.

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