SRD SASSA GOV ZA banking details submission

SRD SASSA GOV ZA Bank details can be sent online. The bank details for the SASSA R350 Special Grant COVID19SRD can now be changed at any time of the month to reflect the new payment method for your next payment. Beneficiaries of the COVID19 SRD grant are encouraged to use their bank account to receive this grant to avoid overcrowding at the post office. SASSA R350 grants can be paid at your bank account, post office, or Cash Send.

SRD SASSA GOV ZA banking details submission
To update SASSA R350 banking details visit and scroll down to the “How do I change my banking details” section.

How to change SASSA R350 banking details

  • You will receive an SMS with your secure link to your mobile phone number you are registered in your application. Please click on the SMS link and be aware of the instructions.
  • If you choose to pay to the bank account, make sure you are the owner of your account. SASSA can not pay subsidies to others’ bank account.
  • If you select the monitoring option through one of the large banks, make sure that the mobile phone number you received is registered with your name.
  • SASSA can not pay subsidies to mobile phone numbers registered by others. Also note that new bank details after review for future payments are used.

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