Steps To Get Your Nsfas MasterCard

Grants will be dispersed using a brand-new MasterCard direct-payment method, as part of the National Student Financial Aid Plan (Nsfas). Nsfas benefits would first be paid on a MasterCard starting in late September 2022.

Government bursary program updates announced recently would facilitate easier access to funding. One goal of the bursary program is to provide students more financial independence.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College students will soon be able to utilize these cards instead of the Nsfas Wallet payment platform.

Andile Nongogo, CEO of Nsfas, explains that the MasterCard platform gives students the convenience of a debit card and guarantees that they receive the most for their money.

According to Nongogo, the payment method will be available for a trial run so that Nsfas can collect information on how students are really using the cards. Nsfas will investigate student spending patterns to better represent their interests when negotiating discounts and other benefits.

In addition, they will compile the information to see whether any limits are needed to prevent pupils from misusing the card.

The CEO said, “You need to gather and collect empirical knowledge about what students spend on, not only necessary to limit, but also to know, from our standpoint, what bargains do we negotiate for them.

When the Nsfas MasterCard is released later this month, not all students will be able to use it. Nsfas will inform each student directly when they will be transferred to the new payment system.

They must then do the actions outlined below after they have been contacted, in order to get their Nsfas Mastercard.

Obtaining a Nsfas Mastercard: The Necessary Steps

  • First, go on over to on eZaga’s site. Optionally, you may get the eZaga app.
  • After that, Please provide your ID and temporary password.
  • This brings us to Stage 3: Key in the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your inbox.
  • To go to Step 4, record your data.
  • Five, take a clear picture of yourself holding your ID and a clear picture of your ID.
  • Wait for an SMS confirmation (Step 6)
  • Step Seven: A campus distribution of a bank card follows account approval.
  • If a student graduates or if Nsfas stops providing financial aid, the student’s Nsfas MasterCard will be cancelled.

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