Telkom Emergency Top Up

Emergency Telkom Top Up Described

Telkom Emergency Top Up is a service by the network provider to its Prepaid and Top Up customer base. With this service the customer can get airtime when their balance is not enough to make calls. Once you have the requested amount you can use it to send SMS, make phone calls, even for data.

Telkom Emergency top up Service

The service is only open to customers who have complied with RICA for their sim cards also Prepaid customers. You must have been using the network for the past 6 months in succession or more. You must have been recharging your phone with R10 or more for the past 6 months in succession.

Access to the Service

It is very simple to use the service, it is through USSD *180#. You follow the Telkom prompts to access the service. You just dial *180# on your phone and choose Emergency Top UP. Then you can choose the minimum amount of R10. The service only cost R1.00 for usage. Please note that the service does not come with bonus airtime.

Emergency Telkom Top Up Deductions
When you opt to use the service and get the airtime on credit, when you recharge the amount will be deducted from the recharge amount you made, plus the R1 service cost. If you recharge with an amount less than what you used, the recharge amount will be deducted till your full credit is settled.

Requesting Telkom Emergency Top Up

The good thing about Telkom Emergency Top Up is that it has no limits as to the number of times you can use the service.

Another advantage of this service is that you can request a top up and send airtime to another Telkom customer. It’s easy to transfer. Input *111# on your mobile phone and scroll down for option to transfer the airtime.

If you can’t access *180# from on your phone, you can dial 180 for the call center.

When you are on prepaid the main concern with units is that they are always enough to last you throughout the week or month. There are moments when looking up the balance and it’s not what you would like to see. The bulk of the nation is on prepaid products to save money and communication costs, because everyone knows that phones are not for only entertainment and games but they are a tool for emergency situations. However the phone is useless when it does not have airtime, it can only receive calls and not make them. So what options are there when airtime is at a zero balance?

Telkom has come up with Emergency Top Up; its purpose is to answer the needs of airtime when you are in a crisis situation. Telkom is not only big on Data with numerous benefits, but it offers airtime that is designed for emergencies. Airtime is essential is all situations but it can a big difference when there are things like car breakdown, public transport problems or any other emergency related situations.

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