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Thabo Cash Loans knows that when you need an affordable loan you should not search endlessly. While going to work you look for shops that offer loans. It’s an old method of seeking a loan.


Thabo Cash Loans is aware that every month is has its own challenges. Some months you seem to spend more than you thought. When this happens during the month it can be even be more surprising. However it’s not unusual for cash to run out during the month. You find yourself not with enough for transport or patrol. In some cases you may not have enough for basics like lunch money. Money does not always make it to the last day of the month. When you need a loan just for that one difficult month Thabo Cash will offer you this cash.


Thabo Cash is a credit provider and specializes in pay day loans and personal loans. Pay day loans are secured against your pay. Meaning you borrow the loan knowing that you will pay it all off when your salary comes in. This type of loan by Thabo Cash has helped countless credit consumers and it will sure help you. Another loan on offer is a personal loan. The loan can reach up to R5 000. Personal loans come in handy when you need do to things like home renovations. Also buying updated electronic goods that are on sale for 30% or more but you don’t have the money at that time. You can get this loan with no hustles. The interest rate on each loan is based on the amount you take out. Thabo Cash is a registered credit provider with the NCR. The interest you pay will not be above the recommended industry standards. It will be fair.


  • Flexible repayments
  • Registered with National Credit Regulator
  • Interest rates are affordable
  • Proficient services


Thabo Cash Loans applications are done online. The site has an easy to follow lay out. You won’t get lost as you fill in an online application form. Online security is very high and your information will be secured. Like all lending institutions in South Africa, you have to be 18 years and older to access the loan. You must have a basic salary or R3 000 or more. You must be working full time. You will be required to:

  • Produce a South African Identity Document book or card.
  • Pay slips not older than 2 months.
  • Bank account not older than 3 months.
  • Produce residential address.
  • A working cellphone number for contact.

The application will be processed fast. When you qualify you will be contacted. Your cash loan will be in your account the same day. You can use the money for the need or want you have.


If you need more information on loan application and interest rates or repayment of personal loan you can contact Thabo Cash during office hours. Call from 9 am and 5pm. However you can make an online application at any time of the day.

Phone Number : 058 813 3110 or send an

email :

website :

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