Tsheleka Finance loans

What is Tsheleka Finance?

Tsheleka Finance Loans, throughout the past two decades, has pursued a mission focused on delivering innovative solutions. In light of the adverse perceptions associated with the microlending industry, the organization has been steadfast in driving these solutions with unwavering integrity and strong values.

In 2021, Tsheleka transitioned from exclusively offering loans in brick-and-mortar locations to establishing an online loan facility. This digital platform provides small loan solutions to individuals nationwide who find themselves in need.

The organization’s overarching mission is to serve as a catalyst for transformative change within the microfinance industry through revolutionary innovation.

In the realm of business, Tsheleka expanded its service portfolio in 2021 to encompass not only personal loans but also tailored loan options for corporations and their employees.

Reasons to Choose Tsheleka Credit:

Tsheleka Credit recognizes the challenges inherent in preserving the health and safety of its workforce, given the substantial number of employees within the company. Understanding the correlation between employee well-being and productivity, the organization aims to alleviate personal financial difficulties that often lead to stress, worry, irritation, and anger.

Tsheleka Credit is dedicated to assisting clients in enhancing the economic security of their workforce through a quick, cashless, and paperless lending method. This approach mitigates risks and provides various benefits to the workforce.

Reasons to Choose Tsheleka Finance:

Over the past two decades, Tsheleka Finance has been actively involved in providing microloans. The company has consistently strived to establish itself as a reputable entity known for its unwavering honesty in conducting business. The commitment to a duty of care ensures responsible lending practices, preventing overextension and maintaining full legal compliance throughout the process.

Operational Process:

The microloan application process is streamlined and convenient. Applicants can complete the entire process online, eliminating the need for paper documents or physical currency. When visiting one of Tsheleka’s locations, individuals are only required to bring the necessary paperwork to finalize the process.

Application Procedure:

  • Prospective clients apply online:
    To initiate the application, prospective clients can visit any Tsheleka location. Knowledgeable staff members will be available to assist throughout the process.
  • Review Process:
    Prior to agreeing to the proposed loan size, Tsheleka conducts a thorough review of the documentation to assess affordability.
  • Payout:
    Upon completing the loan approval process, Tsheleka initiates the eWallet payout. Typically, the eWallet payout is processed on the same business day.

Tsheleka Finance contact details

The Tsheleka head office is conveniently located at 400 Old Howick Road, Hilton, KZN, 3245. For inquiries and correspondence, you may contact us via email at info@tsheleka.co.za or reach us by phone at 033 503 1393. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with any queries or information you may require.

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