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Financial Solutions with Tswelopele Cash Loans

Tswelopele Cash Loans is a trusted partner in times of financial need, delivering quick and accessible financial solutions to customers who are looking for instant cash support. In times of financial need, Tswelopele Cash Loans serves as a reliable companion. In order to make the process of loan approval as simple and streamlined as possible, potential borrowers are needed to produce the following key documentation:

  • Identity Document (ID): A valid identification document is a fundamental requirement for loan approval, ensuring a secure and transparent transaction.
  • Months Bank Statement: Providing a comprehensive overview of financial transactions over the past three months, this document aids in evaluating the borrower’s financial history and stability.
  • Payslip/Salary Advice: Verifying the source of income, the submission of a payslip or salary advice contributes to the assessment of affordability and responsible lending.

Tswelopele Cash Loans Interest Rate:

Tswelopele Cash Loans provides borrowers with loans that have a competitive interest rate of 25%. This rate ensures that borrowers are treated fairly and that the loans are affordable.

Loan Options and Repayment Plans:

R 100.00 R 125.00 R 3,500.00 R 4,375.00
R 200.00 R 250.00 R 4,000.00 R 5,000.00
R 500.00 R 625.00 R 4,500.00 R 5,625.00
R 800.00 R 1,000.00 R 5,000.00 R 6,250.00
R 1,000.00 R 1,250.00 R 5,500.00 R 6,875.00
R 1,200.00 R 1,500.00 R 6,000.00 R 7,500.00
R 1,500.00 R 1,875.00 R 6,500.00 R 8,125.00
R 1,600.00 R 2,000.00 R 7,000.00 R 8,750.00
R 2,000.00 R 2,500.00 R 7,500.00 R 9,375.00
R 2,500.00 R 3,125.00 R 8,000.00 R 10,000.00
R 3,000.00 R 3,750.00 R 10,000.00 R 12,500.00


Tswelopele Cash Loans is extremely proud of the fact that they are a registered organisation with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), that they adhere to regulatory norms, and that they place an emphasis on responsible lending practises. Tswelopele Cash Loans is a reliable ally for people who are in need of timely and secure financial aid. Through these loans, you may take control of your financial future.

Tswelopele Cash Loans Contact details

Tswelopele Cash Loans has expanded its operations to encompass a variety of branches, enhancing accessibility and convenience for customers seeking financial assistance. Each branch is equipped to deliver personalized service, with a dedicated team ready to guide individuals through the loan application process. The company is committed to establishing itself as a reliable business partner for customers in Bethlehem, Klerksdorp, Potchefstroom, Qwaqwa, and Welkom. Prospective clients are invited to visit the branch most convenient for them, contact the company via phone or email, or explore one of the alternative locations for their financial needs:

Bethlehem Branch Contact Details:

Address: 21 Pretorius Street, Room 2 (Next to Dr Mokoena Surgery), Bethlehem, 9700
Contact Number: 083 950 8349
Email: info@tswelopeleloans.co.za

Klerksdorp Branch Contact Details:

Address: Shop No:1, Old Perm Building, Anderson Street, 2571
Contact Number: 063 880 5893
Email: klerksdorp@tswelopeleloans.co.za

Potchefstroom Branch Contact Details:

Address: Shop 11, Royal Building, Dr James Moroka Ave, Potchefstroom, 2520
Contact Number: 064 088 1059
Email: potch@tswelopeleloans.co.za

Qwaqwa Branch Contact Details:

Address: Setsing Plaza, Setsing Shopping Centre, Mampoi, 9869
Contact Number: 073 282 8598
Email: qwaqwa@tswelopeleloans.co.za

Welkom Branch Contact Details:

Address: Room 109 President Building, Cnr Melck & Bok Str, Welkom, 9700
Contact Number: 063 869 0099
Email: welkom@tswelopeleloans.co.za

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