Get credit with MoreTyme from TymeBank

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a persistent pandemic, who has the time and patience to wait in line? Join the more than already three million TymeBank clients and enjoy the benefits of banking without outdated banking charges and fees.

You could be eligible to receive a personal loan of between R 4000 to R 15000; but more so, pay no more than the original requested amount over three instalments.

How it works:
Create a profile on TymeBank and then look out for its status. If your profile status is “Getting to Know You” or “Good Friends”, all you need is the TymeBank app. When you open the app, look for MoreTyme. From there it’s one tap to activate or apply. You’ll get an answer instantly.

If your profile status is “Just Met”, you can upgrade your account via your TymeBank app, or at a kiosk in a Pick n Pay or Boxer Store near you. Once you do, you’ll see MoreTyme in your TymeBank app.

You will have two months to repay your loan at zero percent interest. The first 50% of the amount is repayable immediately; however, your 2nd payment is due after 30 days and the final repayment is at the end of 60 days. To makes life easier everything is completed via the TymeBank mobile application so there’s every reason to take advantage of this offering. Furthermore, the repayment transactions are automatic and are linked directly to your TymeBank EveryDay account so there’s no need to stress about remembering dates.

In order to collect your money, visit one of the MoreTyme store partners and create a payment voucher. For security purposes, TymeBank provides a 15 minute timeframe to complete the transaction. Simply show the voucher to the cashier in order to process the sale and then continue your day with a pocket full of cash.

This is a smart, convenient and modern way of accessing the money you want, for the things you want, when you want it.

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