Uncedo Cash Loans

Uncedo Cash Loans is a Port Elizabeth-based cash loan provider. Offering convenient, reliable credit is what the lender specialises in.

Who can apply for Uncedo Cash Loans?

Individuals at least 18 years of age, who are South African citizens, can apply. A valid South African I.D. is required, along with an active bank account.

Why choose Uncedo Cash Loans?

While a number of South African banks offer loan solutions, accessing these facilities tends to involve quite stringent qualifying criteria. Banks are not likely to consider your application if you have poor credit, but there are various other lenders that may be able to assist.

Uncedo Cash is one such lender.

This lender offers competitive interest and flexible repayment terms. Interest rates are based on individual creditworthiness as well as affordability. Consultants will also advise borrowers to make sure that they take loan amounts which they can afford, over a period which they can manage. So spreading payments out effectively is a priority for the lender.

Same day payouts and simple applications are also beneficial. When an application is made, then payouts can be expected as soon as the approval has been processed. Applying is also simple, because it’s no longer about submitting stacks of paperwork, but is about simply submitting the relevant details.

There are no limits on how you can use the loan. Just as the name says, with Uncedo Cash Loans, you can get help and convenient credit that you can use how you wish.

Uncedo Cash Loans contact details

Contact Uncedo Cash by calling: 041 992 4521
Address: 37 Caledon St, Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth, 6229
Please feel free to use our finance calculator .

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