Universal Branch Codes in SA

Remembering banking branch codes is not easy. It is even impractical in some cases. Banks such as FNB have a different branch code for each of their branches. That is impossible to remember. Some banks stick to the same code for all their branches.

Depositing cash should not be a hustle. But without a branch code you may need to ask a bank teller to help you. In some cases the teller does not have the codes at the work station. You may even have to log on to the internet and find the specific code you are looking for when it’s a matter of emergency. This can be time consuming. If you forgot to ask for the branch code or have misplaced a piece of paper where you wrote down the banking detail including a code can be really annoying.

In this article you will find the list of all universal banking codes. It will make your banking life a convenience. You don’t have to worry about a branch code.

Universal branch codes speed up the work of the banking community. They don’t have to be bog down searching for a specific branch code to carry out transactions.

Universal codes allows you to transfer money using any banking account that is registered. You can do this at any branch anywhere in the nation.

The advantage of universal branch code is that you can make purchases outside South Africa to other neighboring countries like Swaziland. Having no branch code can restrict your finances from moving across the border. You can use the universal branch code to transfer the money instantaneous.

The list below covers all the major banks in South Africa. Making it easy for you to transact and transfer money.

Below you will find the universal branch codes for each bank

Name Code
Capitec Bank 470010
FNB 250655
ABSA Bank 632005
Nedbank 198765
Standard Bank 051001
Bank of Athens 410506
Bidvest Bank 462005
Investec Private Bank 580105
SA Post Bank 460005

Banking institutions also have a table of specific branch codes. If you need to find out the code for your transaction to be successful. You can contact the bank.

First National Bank has a special page dedicated to finding a specific branch based code called “Find a branch“. The page is very user friendly and simple to navigate. fnb find a branch codeYou can look up any branch code through keying in the name of city. Their web page will give you all the information on the branch, including the code.

See example below:
Another bank that has online facilities for banking codes is Nedbank. On their website you will find   branch locator page. You can use this to search through the map that is part of the web page. It is relatively simple to locate different branches on their data base. You can also use this as a tool to help you find all Nedbank branches that are located close to you.
nebank branch code locator
Universal branch code offers South Africans the opportunity to save time when they transact. No more countless numbers to remember. Just one branch code will do. You can successfully transfer cash.

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