Vodacom Airtime Advance

How does Vodacom Airtime Advance work?

You can recharge your airtime when you have depleted your minutes by requesting Vodacom to do so. The charge for this service is R1.00 (VAT Incl). This is the cost that you will incur when you purchase a voucher to load air time plus the airtime amount you requested. The service is not limited to talk minutes but you can have Data Advance too. The same cost structure is applicable, meaning you will pay R1.00(VAT Incl) plus data amount deducted on your next top up.

Airtime Advance which can be used for talk minutes is available in these cost levels:

  • R5
  • R10
  • R20
  • R50
  • R100
  • R150

Data Advance is available in these is available in these cost levels:

  • 20MB valued at R5
  • 60MB valued at R9
  • 100MB valued at R15

Qualification for Vodacom Airtime Advance

The service is provided for Vodacom Prepaid Customers. You will be able to access the service if you have been using the network for more than 6 months and must have at least R29 recharge of airtime recharge every month to qualify for the service. You will need to continuously recharge every month, if you fail to so, at the end of the month you won’t be access the service. For re-qualification you will have to recharge for the next 3 months in succession.

Airtime Advance extends to Vodacom uChoose and Top Up, and you must have paid your account one month in advance before you can successfully use this service.

Vodacom Customers can request up to 99 Advances without having repaying them in full. Customers can request Vodacom to remove the Airtime Advance from their sim number. To use the Airtime Advance service it’s very simple. All you need to do is enter USSD *135*082# alternatively use My Phone menu (*111# or *135#). The limit of the advance is based on your profile.

Having airtime in your phone always is something that most South African don’t have access to. There are times when emergency strikes and you desperately need to make that phone call. It could be a flat tyre or running out of Patrol. You may think that its only public transport users who have prepaid phone, but there is a great deal of number of people that don’t use contracts as a means to communicate. Having airtime in your phone is always a good idea. However what if you don’t have and all you need is a call to rescue you from a sticky situation?

Vodacom Airtime Advance is a calculated timely service for South Africans and Vodacom prepaid subscriber base. It will keep you connected even when you have zero airtime on your phone or you can access airtime voucher to top up.

The advantage of this service is not only used for emergency purposes, but when you can’t reach a shop or sales point with airtime vouchers you can stay in touch without any pressure. Even on such situations when the airtime runs out in the middle of the night, you can use this service knowing that early in the morning you can go to any nearby shops. It’s a convenient way to keep friends and family talking in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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