Vusisizwe Cash Loan

Vusisizwe Cash Loan has successfully handled loaning of cash to numerous people in Tembisa and beyond the area. When you have money difficulties you can find good services waiting for you to help you through.


Vusisizwe Cash Loan is a credit lender and cash loans provider that is registered. It operates in Tembisa in Teanong Section. You can have the best month until that one moment when things seem to go wrong financially. Everyone has been there. It’s good to know that you can have a friend to help when such an occasion arise. You need not bother your neighbor by asking for a loan. The demands of life are endless, going next door all the time will cause you to be seen as an irritation.


Vusisizwe Cash Loan has short term personal loans from R500 to R5 000 and pay day loans on offer. So when your month seems derailed you can always visit for a pay day loan. They start at R500 and reach R5 000. The maximum payment time for this loan is 30 days or till the next pay day. The interest rates are well priced. Paying more than the standard amount is something you won’t be required to do. Fair and right interest is what you will pay. Personal loans have a payment expiration date of 3 month, that is 90 days. Within this time period you will have to settle the loan.


  • Registered Credit Provider with proficient staff members.
  • Loan applications and processing are done fast.
  • Interest rates based on the NCA.
  • Easy and fast loans.


All applications go through an evaluation to see if you qualify for the loan requested. However it must be stated that the credit checks are not based on corporate banks structures. Chances are high that if you have been rejected by the bank, you will qualify for credit with Vusisizwe Cash Loan. There are basic conditions you have to meet. You need to be working and your salary must be well within the bracket of the loan you request. You need to be 18 years of age or older. You must be a South African citizen. You must not be leaving the country permanently during the loan payment period. For evaluation you will need to produce the following documents.

  • Produce a South African ID book or card.
  • produce 2 latest pay slips.
  • Banking statement where your salary is deposited.
  • Proof of residential address – utility bill not older than 3 months.
  • Cellphone number where you can be reached.

When the evaluation process is done and you qualify, the loan will be transferred to you. Same day service is what you can expect.


For more information you can call Vusisizwe Cash Loan and you will be given more details on the procedure. You can visit the office premises in Tembisa with your documentation and make the loan application. It won’t take long for approval.


109 Peacock Road Teanong Section Tembisa 1632
Telephone Number: 011 646 7483

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