VW EasyFinance contract

Begin driving the Volkswagen of your choosing right now with VW EasyFinance. When you buy a Volkswagen Passenger or Commercial Vehicle from an authorized Volkswagen dealer, Volkswagen Financial Services will offer you EasyFinance, a Guaranteed Future Value financing alternative.
This is the wise approach to retaining flexibility. This option allows you to drive away in your new Volkswagen in just a few steps, assured that its value will be preserved at the end of your contract time.

VW EasyFinance end of contract options

You have three options at the end of your contract period:

  1. Trade-In: The best part about EasyFinance is how easy it is to get into the latest Volkswagen! You may upgrade your car at the end of your term with the EasyFinance option by exchanging your existing vehicle for a brand-new one at your local Volkswagen Dealership.
  2. Maintain: Have you fallen in love? Are you unable to sell your Volkswagen? In this case, you can settle your automobile for the EasyFinance Future Value you agreed to at the start of the contract. If you email us at easyfinance@vwfs.co.za, we may be able to assist you with refinancing this amount.
  3. Return: If you have kept to your contractual mileage, taken exceptional care of your vehicle, and ensured that it is appropriately serviced, you may return it to Volkswagen Financial Services by informing us at easyfinance@vwfs.co.za.

VW EasyFinance wear and Tear conditions

To protect your guaranteed minimum future value, your Volkswagen must be returned to us in good condition and within the mileage limit mentioned. Normal wear and tear is to be expected from normal use, but it must comply to the restrictions set in your contract. When you sign your contract, you will be given all of the necessary papers; nevertheless, the Fair Wear and Tear Guide gives some guidelines. Download the Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

VW EasyFinance contract period and kilometers

Terms available KM parameters available
24 months 10 000km
36 months 20 000km
42 months 25 000km
48 months 30 000km

VW EasyFinance contact details


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