Student work during weekends with Woolworths

Woolworths always seeks ways to partner with the immediate community. To help and invest resources into the surrounding place where we conduct business. Over the years Woolworths has had employed successful strategies to cater to the needs of different communities. The company will continue to be part of role player in the nation. Getting work in South Africa remains a challenge for many. At Woolworths we offer employment opportunities for students to work during the weekend or on school holidays.  Work ethic is what is valued by any employer. Knowing how to work with other individuals in an institution is key to business and personal growth.

The retail environment requires individuals that can learn fast and have good human skills. A wide variety of people to serve and make their day. It can be challenging and fun.  Part time work is great for students. You can learn while you earn, it won’t affect your studies. You will also have extra money at the end of the holidays.Most companies require fresh out of university of collage to have experience. This opportunity of working for Woolworths will give you a small experience and you can put it on the C.V as a point of reference.

The work environment is designed so that the employees derive job satisfaction. You will find that the staff is well trained and communicate any improvements through channels that are designed to improve efficiency all the time.

Widen your work experience with this initiative.  You may not be looking to getting into retail. However you can broaden your scope and who knows, you may find your aspiration is in helping customers improve their shopping experience.

Another opportunity it this: you will have a new set of skills as you grow in the job. Skills that will stay with you to your next profession should you wish to leave the retail sector. You will also be familiar to how sophisticated the retail industry is. It is not a matter of putting a product on a shelve, but requites a whole lot more.

Here’s how you can apply for Woolworths Student Weekend Work

To apply for the Student Weekend Work SMS “Student” 45554 and you will get a reply message. Choose the options and instructions. Please not that standard SMS rates applies. It will cost you only R1.50. It may take up to 8 SMS to complete the process. All applicants must be 18 years and older. You must be willing to work on weekends, evenings and also on holidays. Text the SMS line and apply today before the application window closes.
Website :
To find out more you can go online and visit the Woolworths website. The site is easy to navigate and you will find it helpful. Woolworths offers this great opportunity to anyone in South Africa, helping combat the youth unemployment crisis. The company is committed to professional development of university/collage students. Giving them a space to improve their skills in retail environment.  Increase their prospects of getting a full time job should such opportunity should arise. You will have money that you can use to buy text books, laptop or any utensil you need for your studies.

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