Uber drivers can buy their own vehicle with Stanbic credit

Stanbic credit for uber drivers

Uber has brought a new wave to the taxi business. With Uber you can basically be your own boss; your very own CEO. The company originally from the USA; has branched out globally and brought with it technological advances, that have given many the opportunity of employment, self-actualization, social and economic development. South Africa has a high rate of unemployment and Uber has been a great welcome to the country because it has alleviated some people from poverty and has created a doorway for employment. Now Uber has more great news for all Uber drivers.

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Better Life Personal Loans

Better Life Personal Loans

Better Life Personal Loans- assistance for buying your new home

Better Life is the largest mortgage originator in South Africa, with more than 15 years’ experience in helping home owners to purchase their dream homes. Committed to helping you take the hassle out of buying your dream home, Better Life knows exactly what information is required by each bank in order to make a successful application and also offers comprehensive financial solutions.

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The Platinum Club loans, Loans Unlimited

Platinum Club loans

At Loans Unlimited we first opened our doors in 2007 with one priority and one priority only; to assist thousands of South African’s in finding only the best loans at the lowest interest rate possible. We understand that most South African’s are currently in the midst of an economic Whirlwind where it is simply getting tougher and tougher to meet their financial obligations. You may be faced with the responsibility of looking after your extended family, you may be considering studying a certain course to increase your skills thereby improving your employability or promotion opportunities or you may need a deposit on a mortgage bond or car purchase, whatever your needs may be; Loans unlimited is specifically designed to assist you meet your financial obligations and goals.

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Credit Centre loans South Africa

Credit Centre loans

Credit Centre loans was established with the sole purpose of assisting people in obtaining loans. The service that we provide at Credit Centre is quick, hassle free and very effective. We offer our services to anyone in South Africa looking for a loan and we extend our services to clients who have been blacklisted. We operate across South Africa as a brokerage and we have been operating in this fashion for over 25 years in the credit field. Within the 25 years of operating; we have gathered a good amount of experience and we know what works best for our individual clients.

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Budget Cash loans South Africa

budget cash loans

At Budget Cash we have a well renowned and very much needed speciality of providing our clients with instant cash, Payday loans and Short term loans. We have all been there; desperately searching for immediate cash from relatives and friends (which can be very awkward) when we are faced with unforeseen emergencies that need financial attention or just having experienced an awful month with cash leaving your wallet at an accelerated pace before even reaching mid-month. The frustration of not having enough money to meet ends meet can be a ghastly and stressful experience. Most of us in South Africa can testify to having had such an experience. The only thing that can help is a simple, effective and efficient loan that will grant you the cash that you need within a 24 hour turn around period.

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Loans for Zimbabwean residents in South Africa

Loans for Zimbabwean residents

South Africa is a country that is full of opportunity. With mega cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town; there is a lot of economic opportunity to be had by many by both South African citizens and foreign nationals. Opportunity can arise from something as simple as being an informal trader with a sustainable business of trading fruit and vegetables to a formal business of delivering technical services to different companies across the city or simply finding employment from a company. In South Africa there are a large number of Zimbabwean nationals that have found work in the country.

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Financial assistance from ARCCT Loans


Most of us shudder at the thought of applying for a loan knowing that we may be faced with the unfortunate result of being declined by the credit provider due to an unfavourable credit record. It is no taboo in South Africa to find yourself being declined a long term loan due to a bad credit record. The economic cyclone we all find ourselves in is more than capable of leaving most of us strained for cash and at times that can unfortunately lead to unintentionally creating a bad credit record for anyone one of us.

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PriceQuote loans funding

PriceQuote loans

PriceQuote loans funding for different bridging finance

The day that you can finally have your own place is a day to be celebrated. It represents independence, freedom and self-actuality. We all plan and save up for the ideal time to move out of our mothers nest or sharing an apartment with a friend or two. Even though we may be ready a lot of us are only ever partially ready for our big move.

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Asset loans with Assetline Capital South Africa

assetline capital

In South Africa and mostly all around the world property is known as a great investment and having more than one is an even better investment. When you sell your home or business establishment it is common knowledge that you will receive the monies from the sale through a registration of a transfer from the seller (Which would be you) to the purchaser (The one you are selling to). Before any form of clearance is granted it is South African law that you provide a 6 months down payment of rates and taxes that must be paid.

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